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Let's not start with the "Sorry guys I've been so MIA"

You guys who follow me will probably know that I'm one of the laziest bloggers out there!

But that ain't a thing, because I'm here again with another post for ya'll!

Ok, (lol, yes, I'm doing the opposite of the first sentence, but this is like my diary so yeah, firm it!) life has been very awkward for me lately, I am just starting to feel settled and all that jazz. I have had a worrying past few weeks/months, with uni grades for my final year and other things too... so maybe I can use this as an excuse for my lazy blogging behaviour lol. I mean do you ever realise why some things happen, like you ask yourself "why is this happening to me right now?" Every other day I regret not taking the time to do shit. I am the type of person to put off certain things and just let time fly by... That last minute kinda thing - I feel as though by now I should have been somewhere I really need to be or something along those lines.

I really need to understand that without working your ass off nothing will ever get done or get to the place that YOU want to be. But don't get me wrong, I work hard when it comes to something I truly love doing. However, my blog is always neglected at times lol. This is my diary of confidence... I enjoy sharing my style and inspiring others every now & then. My style is not about expensive things, because in reality I'm a student and my budget is the damn high street which is nothing bad. We need to know that the idea of having the latest new expensive shit doesn't mean anything unless you can pay the bills at the end of month. (Ya feel me?)

I get emails from across the world every other day about how I inspire very young girls and how my blog has helped them be confident within themselves - I mean, yo! That's big! That shit is what I'm here to do and I realised that I was not putting any effort into my work and have been slacking so baaaad. So now it's just about showing you guys a little something of what I'm about, not to prove anything but to be on point with things aka I need a damn personal photographer lol blogging is hard without the right person to take the images. It's like you need someone there 24/7, & hunny, the lighting.. I need that shit...I'm not about that get a tripod life. 

Anyways, Maybe I may not be your cup of tea when it comes to personality or style if you come across me. But I will always remain humble and confident as the days go by! I appreciate the support from my friends & family and nothing but love to my blog supporters! 

*praises hand*

P.S - Shoutout to my mother, the women who always got my back & inspiring me with wise words! 
#NeverGiveUp ! 

Anywhooo back to this blogging stuff... 


Oversized T-shirt - Primark (Men's section)
Jacket - H&M
Skirt - H&M x Alexander Wang  
Trainers - Adidas

See you in the next post
With love,

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